Cool Pup offers unique and innovative cooling and hydrating solutions for any pet.

Extreme weather conditions are a very real concern for pets and pet parents alike. With countless dogs and cats each year suffering from the negative effects of heatstroke, keeping pets cool and hydrated on hot days is of the utmost importance, and Cool Pup products were designed to do just that. Made with state-of-the-art materials, these innovative products offer maximum cooling on even the hottest days, keeping customers’ pets safe from the dangers. With a wide range of products, including toys, harnesses, mats, bowls, and more, Cool Pup offers a cooling solution for every pet, at home or on the go.


Cool Pup Cooling Toys

Made of durable, brightly colored thermoplastic rubber (TPR), these fun toys function as regular toys that also, when frozen, double as innovative cooling devices for your pet. To freeze, simply submerge toy in water, allow it to fill, and place in the freezer with the holes facing up. As the toy defrosts, water will escape the tiny holes on the front, keeping dogs hydrated as they chew. These toys are perfect for teething puppies or for summertime play.

Cool Pup Portable Bowls

These versatile bowls make it easy to offer pets cold water or dry food, even on the road! The innovative removable gel insert keeps water cool for hours. The inner fabric layer has a water-resistant coating and the handy carrying pouch allows for convenient storage and transport. Cool Pup Portable Bowls are perfect for camping trips, hikes, long car rides, and more.

Cool Pup Faucet Waterers

An absolute must-have for pets who spend time outdoors, these groundbreaking outdoor faucet attachments conveniently dispense water on demand, whenever a dog licks the lever! The water stops flowing when the dog stops licking! Our Cool Pup Faucet Waterers attach to any outdoor faucet in seconds without the use of tools. There is no assembly required.

Cool Pup Cooling Mats

Cool Pup Cooling Mats offer at-home temperature control for restful nights, so dogs can sleep easy. Each mat includes innovative cooling inserts that, once frozen, remain cool for hours. For maximum cooling, simply pop the entire mat into the fridge—mats stay cool even when not refrigerated due to their innate cooling properties. Ideal for indoor/outdoor use. Our cooling mats are made from durable poly-nylon that wipes clean in a snap.

Cool Pup Reflective Cooling Harness

The perfect way to provide on-the-go cooling for summer walks! Each harness features cooling inserts that, once frozen, remain cool for hours. For maximum cooling effect, simply soak harness and pop the whole thing in the freezer. The cooling harness features reflective trim for added safety/visibility in low light, as well as UPF treatment for protection from the sun’s harmful rays. The harness is fully adjustable for a secure and comfy fit, and machine washable for easy care.